Our Story

Our Philosophy

At Royaltea, we believe in the simple pleasures of sweet tea and lemonade – whether it’s enjoyed in the summer breeze or winter’s shade. As a southern staple, our blends are made with the same love, intention, and care that my mother used when she taught me to make sweet tea from scratch in her kitchen.

Our Ingredients

Using only the best, all-natural ingredients, we proudly brew our tea and squeeze our lemons to bring you the purest and most delicious flavors. And with our commitment to clean water and pure sugar, you can trust that every sip of Royaltea is made with your well-being in mind.

Our Family

From our humble beginnings in my mother’s kitchen to the homes of thousands of our patrons, we invite you to experience the liquid soul of Royaltea. Whether you’re a King, Queen, or Heir, we hope you’ll join us in savoring the flavors of our delicious blends.

Ready To Become Royalty?